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I'm Michelle Raine

Actress, Gender Consultant, 

& Creator

I have been a creative-junkie my whole life and completed acting training at the Fountain School of Performing Arts. Most recently I am touring my show It’s a Girl! which focuses on my ongoing journey to find my authentic self. I think it’s important for everyone to think critically about their own life, what we know and why we know it, and to make sure that we are never living by someone else's script. I have had the invaluable opportunity to work with Luna Sea Theatre, Transitus Creative, The Canadian Cancer Society, Xara Choral Theatre, and other companies to create performances that educate and change the way we think about the world.

When you book a consultation or workshop, your group will learn how to:


Navigate the new and growing language surrounding gender


Approach difficult subject matter productively


Create inclusive environments for trans and non-binary individuals

"Michelle Raine has that uncanny ability of taking audience members from laughing uproariously to holding their breaths as she moves from amusing anecdote to heavy shit" ~ The Coast, Halifax NS

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