It's A Girl!

"I had the dream again the other night..."

Sex, love, and identity: The Story of one trans woman

Created by Michelle Raine and Alexis Milligan

The Creation of It's A Girl! 

The Questions

As a young artist transitioning publicly I began to question the disconnect between those who are transgender and those who aren't (AKA Cisgender). Transgender narratives are difficult to relate to because often we have been dehumanized in the media. How would I be able to create an informative show about gender, that can invite conversation, without alienating my audience? How could I make people understand my personal experiences without invalidating theirs? And, how could I talk about my own journey through self discovery, mental illness, abuse, and sexual assault, without a dark and heavy cloud over the audience? 

The History

When I met Alexis it was fate. Working together on Peace Project, Alexis taught me the tools necessary to transform any space with any group of people into an intimate one, where an actor is truly able to connect to the audience.  I approached Alexis about having her collaborate on It's A Girl! with little hesitation. Since then Alexis and Transitus Creative have been instrumental in the success of the production. It's A Girl! was first performed in 2017 at the Halifax Fringe Festival where I won the Best Newcomer award. It then went through an extensive rewrite until May 2018 when the show was part of the Halifax Mayworks Festival and the Prague International Fringe Festival. 


The Future

Right now, the political climate is aggressive, it is two sides screaming at each other and asking the other side to listen. It’s a Girl! offers a safe environment for anyone who is scared of asking the wrong questions or giving the wrong answers. This is why our upcoming tour with Theatre New Brunswick in 2020 will be so important for Highschools all over New Brunswick. 

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“Directed by the sublime Alexis Milligan, Michelle Raine is honest, present and vulnerable, and her comfort onstage and with herself is awe-inspiring.”

~ Online Audience Review

“Michelle is intelligent, composed, warm and engaging and her interactions with the audience are natural, a sharing of experience. You will definitely be entertained by a beguiling and talented young woman but you will also learn firsthand from an articulate and impassioned spokesperson for the right to be yourself and to let others be themselves.”

~Review from Prague Fringe Festival

“Raine has that uncanny ability of taking audience members from laughing uproariously to holding their breaths as she moves from amusing anecdote to heavy shit.”

~The Coast

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