LOOK AT ME, I'M AN ELF! 2 Weeks Of Mythological Creatures

Traveling to the elementary and middle schools of New Brunswick performing Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures, written by Mark Crawford has been a magical time for all of us at Theatre New Brunswick. Firstly, as someone who struggles with depression, gender dysphoria, and PTSD, I have to say that I thought dressing up every day as a little boy was going to be ... not so great for my mental health, BUT... this tour has been so rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. Knowing that Theatre New Brunswick, the cast and crew, and the entire team believes in this play and its content has made it incredibly comfortable for me.

The kids LOVE the play. They are responsive, engaged, and willing to participate at every mysterious magical sound. Meeting the kids afterward, particularly the youth who identify as LGBTQ+ has been the most rewarding part of the process.

Everyday I look forward to performing this play - even after a 5am wake up - I look forward for Simon to become friends with Abbey, Abbey to win the Royal Hunt, for Zach to join the fun, and for Simon to reveal their true self!