The First Performance of It's A Girl! for a Middle School Audience

Updated: Feb 13

February 5th 2020

Bliss Carmen Middle School - Grades 7 and 8

Today we went to Bliss Carmen Middle School. Performing It's A Girl! for the students at this school really intensified how important a show like this can be for so many lives. The group as a whole was very responsive with the audience participation components of the show. It was great to see some of the kids get excited about the Drag Race references "Gentlemen Start your engines and may the best woman win!"

They responded well to the activity sheets (I will now be asking for raised hands in these sections because of how overwhelming the amount of responses were)

They never heard of the gender unicorn before so that became a great discussion.

Memorable moments:

~When Becca and Robbie say: You are not a girl! The kids were perplexed and some shouted - what? Of course she is… yes she is a girl… <3

~When Robbie read Kevin’s part about having a hospitalized mother and a dead father several of the kids shouted “What does that have to do with anything!” clearly frustrated about the way Kevin was treating me in the messages.

~ when I asked “Who are you” toward the end of the play half of the audience yelled “We are people” People, humans etc. <3

Questions from the audience:

If you come out as trans but your friends or family want you to stay as your sex assigned at birth, what do you do?

Can intersex people have babies by themselves?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite season of Ru Pauls drag race

Several trans and cis kids came up to me asking for a hug and wanted to talk about their own identity and transition.

A bisexual girl and a trans boy who said they were dating asked for advice on coming out to their family.

One very shy girl made her friend give me the drawing she had been working on throughout the show of me as a Ninja <3

I am so thrilled to have been part of the discussion of Gender at Bliss Carmen School in Fredericton New Brunswick!